About Susanne


In the ongoing journey of her spiritual awakening, Susanne remains steadfast in her commitment to guiding others along the path of self-discovery. Her mission is to assist individuals in transcending the confines of stress, ushering them into a realm of peace and fulfilment.

* Author

Author of “Wake up and be YOU” as well as numerous courses and programs to assist others in awakening to their true Self.

* Presenter

Public speaking. Workshop and retreat facilitator.
Creator and teacher of The Grace Method.

* Mentor

Private healing sessions.
Mentoring and coaching programs – transforming lives.

Susanne Grace

About Susanne


Susanne is a highly qualified professional with a diverse background, holding a Bachelor of Business, Registered Nurse certification, and excelling as an Author, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainer, Business Coach, Behavioural Coach, Life Coach, and Meditation and Spiritual Teacher. With over 30 years of experience in the health industry, Susanne’s journey began as a Registered Nurse,

After many years of nursing, she transitioned to owning and operating a highly successful business in aged care. However, the demands of this venture eventually led to Susanne’s burnout and numerous health challenges. This pivotal experience deepened her understanding of healthcare and underscored the importance of holistic well-being. It became a turning point, prompting Susanne to explore alternative healing and personal development approaches. Navigating her own health challenges ignited her passion for helping others release their pain by sharing the knowledge she wished she had.

Her dissatisfaction with traditional emotional healing methods led Susanne to seek more effective approaches, realising that merely talking about emotions or ignoring them was insufficient in facilitating true healing. Combining her extensive knowledge of traditional medicine and natural therapies, Susanne discovered the profound impact of emotions and thought patterns on both health and lifestyle.
Having explored various modalities such as counselling, coaching, NLP, The Journey, Voice Dialogue, EFT, and energy healing, Susanne developed her own transformative method, known as The Grace Method. This unique approach empowers individuals to transcend limiting beliefs and transform painful emotions into a state of well-being.

To extend the reach of her powerful modality, Susanne has been training Grace Method Practitioners across Australia. Through workshops she also introduced the Moving Beyond Stress model, a logical yet powerful framework simplifying complex theories and providing relief to those struggling with worry, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Despite her busy schedule, Susanne embarked on a transformative journey to India in 2018, spending a year deepening her meditation practice in Ashrams. The challenges faced during this intense period reinforced the profound impact of deep presence in navigating life’s complexities. India gifted her with an enduring sense of peace that remains at the forefront of her being.

Susanne crafted her most recent book, “Wake Up and Be YOU,” within the village of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s ashram, nestled at the foot of the sacred Arunachala Hill. Within the pages of this transformative work, you embark on a profound exploration of the mind through The Grace Method. Offering a comprehensive and distinctive viewpoint on the intricacies of the human experience, the book delves into the dynamics of the mind, unravels the complexities of the ego, and guides readers on a journey beyond the confines of the mind towards spiritual awakening.

Beyond the book itself, Susanne’s enlightening journey and extensive body of work come alive through her blog, videos, and online courses. These resources reflect her unwavering commitment to empowering others along their paths of self-discovery and well-being.




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