Grace method practitioners

Grace Method Practitioners


Only Authorised Grace Method Practitioners listed below

are qualified to run a Grace Method session.

Authorised Grace Method Practitioners

Our practitioners are well trained by completing a comprehensive Diploma of Energy Psychology with Susanne Grace. Because of the commitment they have first given to their own personal awakening, this has greatly enhanced their levels of empathy and compassion for others moving through this amazing process.

Regardless of qualification such as counselling or psychology, if one hasn’t trained with Susanne and completed the Diploma of Energy Psychology then they are not qualified to run The Grace Method on another person. Learning The Grace Method via our workshops or online course is designed to take yourself through the process, it does not give the qualification to run this powerful method on another.

You can be assured you are in very good hands with our practitioners. They can assist you to reprogram any beliefs that are not in alignment with what you want. They can help you to feel so much better and ease your stress, worry, depression and anxiety.

Feel free to connect with the practitioner that feels right for you. The Grace Method sessions can be run face-to-face or on Skype. Being on Skype is fabulous as it’s just as effective as being in person and this doesn’t restrict your access to our practitioners wherever you are in the world.

If you would like more information to see who would be a good fit for or if you have any questions on this life-transforming method or if you’re interested in becoming a Grace Method Practitioner connect with us.

Lauren Yates

About Lauren

Advanced Diploma of Energy Psychology, OmShakti Energy Healer, Take Control Support Group Facilitator, Moving Beyond Stress workshop facilitator, Yoga instructor, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor & Group Exercise Instructor.

Lauren is very passionate about working with people to achieve their wellbeing potential. Following the birth of her second son, she became very ill and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Faced with a future of high doses of medication and unpredictable chronic pain Lauren was determined to achieve wellness once again.

Now in remission from the arthritis and no longer requiring any medication Lauren is sharing with others how she was able to heal. Lauren is a fabulous and confident workshop presenter and combines stress resilience strategies, emotional intelligence, mindfulness techniques and The Grace Method, Lauren shows people how to get to the core of stress with the focus on health and wellbeing.

Lauren is the owner of Focus Within Health & Wellbeing and is also a Tri Nature Independent Consultant & Earthing Independent Consultant offering a natural product range to support wellbeing. Lauren lives in Bendigo, VIC. Australia. CONNECT with Lauren.

Jodi Law

About Jodi

Diploma of Energy Psychology, Registered Nurse, OmShakti Energy Healer, Take Control Support Group Facilitator, Moving Beyond Stress mini workshop facilitator, Yoga and Meditation teacher.

From the break up of a disastrous 20 year relationship, feeling a mere shell of a person so leaving her children behind, to understanding herself through mind, body, soul connection, emotional intelligence and awareness using The Grace Method, she is now living life on her terms. She now integrates this with her life experiences, in her healing practice to help others.
Whilst she practices as a Life Energy Coach using The Grace Method, Jodi has particular interest in clients with chronic disease, including chronic pain; people in overwhelm that are looking to transform their life and people wanting to break the cycle of repetitive behaviours that aren’t serving them. Her small group coaching sessions are proving extremely popular, providing support and accountability as clients transition through the process of change. She has a great passion and commitment to inspire and support her clients to reach their full potential. Jodi now lives in Manchester, UK, but with so many international clients, she does much of her work via zoom. CONNECT with Jodi.

Silvana Guerrero

About Silvana

Diploma in Energy Psychology, OmShakti Energy Healer, Take Control Support Group Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and dance instructor

A successful Entrepreneur, Silvana has created and launched many respective businesses in the events, entertainment and personal development space. Hitting an unexpected ‘rock bottom’ as a single mum, has taken Silvana on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual growth journey, which has now added to her personal success in the Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness areas.
With notable achievements, Silvana now passionately helps people of all ages through their own journey of Self Awareness & overall well-being with fun & exciting programs for all ages! Discover Silvana’s unique approach to living a life of love, happiness & abundance. CONNECT with Silvana.


Janine Magnusson

About Janine

Masters in Counselling, School Guidance Officer, Advanced Diploma in Energy Psychology

Janine works as a Guidance Officer in Schools and says she first came across The Grace Method when she needed it the most. She had worked with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but felt it just didn’t address the overwhelming emotion that debilitates so many. The Grace Method did this and more.
Janine has used this technique with staff, students, parents and her own clients with amazing results. Two parents independently said they had more success with one Grace Method than years of psychotherapy with a Psychologist! Janine lives in Townsville, Qld. Australia. CONNECT with Janine.

Melisa Arboleda

About Melisa

Diploma of Energy Psychology

Melisa’s passion for children has been there all her life. She has learned how tricky it can get to understand what the child needs in order for them to feel safe and empowered.

Learning The Grace Method has given Melisa the clarity to guide them through any situation. Melisa loves working with parents and children and would love to share her experiences with you and to teach you how to use The Grace Method. Melisa speaks Spanish and English and lives in Sydney, NSW. Australia. CONNECT with Melisa.



Liz Crivelli

About Liz

Diploma of Energy Psychology, Massage Therapist, Reflexology and Sound Massage.

In Liz’s words; “The Grace Method and meditation has helped me a lot. The first thing I learnt was to observe my thoughts more and identify when I was in story. I have also compared myself negatively to others’ for most of my life.
Learning to accept those parts of myself has made a big difference and to grow my confident self has helped. The not so confident parts still come up, but I have learnt to accept them and to accept myself despite this. I can teach you The Grace Method to assist you with any upset you might be feeling. It is a tool that you can learn to use yourself.”
Liz lives in Perth, WA. Australia.


Gus Orcajo

About Gus

Diploma of Energy Psychology, OmShakti Energy Healer.

Gus’s journey into self-discovery and emotional intelligence started when he found himself experiencing the biggest trauma of his life. Being a stay at home dad for the first 2.5 years of his son’s life suddenly came to an end after the relationship with his partner failed, so Gus had to move out and leave his son for the first time.
With no money, no paying job, and no house to live in Gus had to go into debt to keep himself afloat and to be able to still see his child. During this tough time, Gus felt more painful and confusing emotions than ever before in life and didn’t know how to manage or express them to begin moving forward again.
Luckily during a workshop run by Susanne, Gus had a profound experience which led him to embark on the Energy Psychology Diploma so he could heal himself and have the ability to help others heal too.
After doing the work on himself and helping many others, Gus now finds himself having a stronger connection than ever before with his son and his son’s mother. He now has the ability to communicate his feelings in a much deeper but easier way and this has helped him in all facets of life.
Nicknamed “The Big Kahuna” for his abilities to heal others, Gus dedicates his life to the present moment through self-awareness and meditations, so he can be totally present in most aspects of life and most importantly during sessions with clients.
Gus lives in the Gold Coast, QLD. Australia. CONNECT with Gus.

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